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A Slack message to a Peer

... [5:53 PM] I think they’re completely right. There are a ton of things that could go wrong. We have a chance to really really mess this up. This project is not going to be easy. This may be one of the most challenging things we do in our lifetime. Then again, anything worth doing has always been hard. Every world changing feat by humans has been scary. People, in general, are notorious for doubting and being fearful of anything unknown, from the world being flat to man’s first steps on the moon. Solving the hard problems is scary. There is really one major difference between innovators and the rest of the populace however. Innovators see every problem as an opportunity. They know that

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Animated Characters in the web world

I'm currently working on a solvable problem. In one of my side projects, I want to have characters that users can customize. Anyone who has played a few video games knows how common this is. For some companies, it's a centeral part of the user experience. Xbox has an entire store for avatar clothing. Anyways, so I want to do something similar on a web project I'm working on. The platform is primarily targeted for teachers and students, leading to these requirements: Should use limited bandwidth Should support rendering up to ~30 characters at once Should be runnable on low-powered devices (such as Chromebooks) Should allow animation of limbs and body This lends itself to an interesting problem... Naive Approach I love to start with naive

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