A Slack message to a Peer


[5:53 PM]

I think they’re completely right. There are a ton of things that could go wrong. We have a chance to really really mess this up. This project is not going to be easy. This may be one of the most challenging things we do in our lifetime.

Then again, anything worth doing has always been hard. Every world changing feat by humans has been scary. People, in general, are notorious for doubting and being fearful of anything unknown, from the world being flat to man’s first steps on the moon. Solving the hard problems is scary.

There is really one major difference between innovators and the rest of the populace however. Innovators see every problem as an opportunity. They know that the bigger and scarier problems are the ones worth solving. Innovators are people willing to go outside the comfort zone of status-quo with the confidence and optimism to make things better. Innovators will arrive at a solution, because they won’t stop until they do.

What you heard today was most likely a bunch of people saying what can go wrong. It’s really easy to find all of the things that can go wrong with innovative ideas. They are novel by definition. People who do this are backwards-thinkers. They take an idea and pull it back until it is within their comfort levels. They operate in a world of their own making, and refuse to push themselves outside it.

We need to be forward-thinkers. We need to constantly ask why things are the way they are, and why can’t they be different. We can’t let fear drive us backwards. We need to be modest about what we know but be confident and optimistic that we can solve the unknown with dedication and persistence. Every movement should be forward.

Forward-thinkers find problems so they can solve them. Backward-thinkers find problems so they have an excuse to stay where they are.

Once again, those comments are completely accurate. All of those things could happen. The amazing thing, however, is that we are in control of whether they do happen. We are in control of whether this goes right or wrong. We can’t let negatives distract us or shape where we’re going. We need to think about these problems with respect, but not fear.

Besides- a problem, by definition, is solvable.